We run an objective and comprehensive test of network performance and compare operators against each other.

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Taking Network Testing To The Next Level


As today’s consumers depend upon smartphones as their primary link to the internet, the mobile customer experience is increasingly defined by the speed, quality and latency of data connections. Operators need to provide not just the geographic coverage but also the capacity and speeds required for streaming and downloading movies as well as uploading large documents.

umlaut provides benchmark reports and certificates to help network operators around the globe to demonstrate how well they are delivering wireless Connections to consumers, business users and enterprises.

Our scoring is based on a unified methodology and score scheme which uses end-customer test cases and user-centric behavior.


Using our experience in the field of network-testing of mobile networks we verify and certify the performance of mobile services. The umlaut service certification is the ideal tool for the independent assessment and attestation of mobile networks and the services they offer. This is done by means of independent measurements and audits of service-quality. The successful verification of the service statement is recorded in a certificate.

The operator is entitled to use the certificate for its own communications purposes and use the „Best in Test“ seal in case of being awarded. Certification services are available only in markets with no umlaut public benchmark campaigns.


Our independent Public Benchmarks are designed to evaluate and objectively compare the performance and service quality of mobile networks all around the world. They are published in several countries on an annual basis in order to inform the end users about the best services available and to give the operators the opportunity to demonstrate both the strengths of their respective networks and improvements in performance or coverage over time. These improvements show the positive impact of our public benchmark activities on the development of the country’s networks. The end costumers can take informed decisions on this basis.

Based on the results of an extensive and comprehensive series of tests focusing on the performance-capability of UMTS and LTE networks, the benchmarks highlight the performance of mobile networks, including the latest technologies deployed by each operator and their benefits to consumers.