The best Mobile Network in Vietnam

Who offers the best mobile network in Vietnam? For the first time umlaut measured the performance of Vietnam’s mobile networks for voice and data services on smartphones. The telecommunications market in Vietnam is one of the largest in the world and the market has experienced remarkable development in the last few years. For the measurements in November and December 2018 umlaut did Drive- and Walktests in cities, in towns and rural areas as well as on connecting roads driving more than 11,400 km in total. In the end, the test area covered 18% of the population in Vietnam.

But who is the "Best in test"?

Telstra wins P3 connect Mobile Benchmark in Australia

Together with our partner connect magazine we have named Telstra as the “Best in Test” operator in Australia 2018. As in the previous year, it was a close race between the two largest Australian operators. This year, Telstra is the overall winner with Optus a close second. It is the fifth P3 connect Mobile Benchmark in Australia already. Telstra did best overall, leading in the voice and the crowdsourcing category. Optus ranks second, leading in the traditional drive- and walktest category. In the city drivetests, Vodafone shows a very good performance close to the other two contenders and can pride itself to have had no service degradations in the period from July 2017 until October 2018, but falls behind in other categories.
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